My top 2 affordable everyday foundation serums.

Okay, so I have a lot of foundations that I try out and cycle through but these 2 are definitely favourites. Both are hydrating but not greasy, dewy but not overly and both smell amazing.

I got the IT Cosmetics “your skin but better” cc+ cream online in travel size for my vacation to Mexico as it is spf 50!! It really doesn’t feel like you are slathering spf 50 sunscreen on your face AT ALL. It is light enough to blend easily yet gives you enough coverage that you only need minimal concealer for any blemishes after, score! 

Bourjois is a beautifully florally, fruity scented foundation serum that is not spf but it is wonderful and very affordable, I bought mine at Shoppers and I would definitely repurchase,  it is about a medium-full coverage with a glowy finish. I probably wear it the most out of all of my foundations. I only use one pump for my entire face with results that..ahh I love!

I apply both of these with a beauty blender but a brush works too and I’m sure you could use fingers as neither are cakey or super fast drying.

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